Gambling to Escape


Gambling has its phenomenal lure because of its handsome rewards. Nowhere else can we find rewards that are challenging, easy, and glamorous. But how does gambling really affect its aficionados?

Gambling in casinos has been regulated by state laws, although a great number of violations have allegedly been done. But not online gambling. The advent of online gambling have made regulations and monitoring next to impossible. Casino gambling may be restricted to a certain degree but online gambling has made gambling available even to the young, anywhere in the world.

A recent study shows that gambling can cause unbridled urges in the gambler that may be tantamount to the ardent urge that addiction has in drug abuse or vices like smoking. Gambling reportedly releases active hormones in the body system that triggers high temperance and high addiction in the gambling games. Hence, if made accessible to the young, we may be unaware of raising up generations of gambling addicts whose only drive in life is to win easy money to win some more in gambling.

Addiction, experts say, is a means of escaping reality. Gambling addicts are said to seek refuge in the fancy of winning big to sustain a life of gambling and luxury. They escape the reality of sweating it out to earn hard-earned money. Hence, with online gambling making the vice easily accessible to the young generation, we may be pushing whole generations into the make-believe world of gambling to escape the real world. We can just imagine what else this mentality of escape will do to other aspects of living.

And the gambling toll has been alarming since the start of the new millennium. In 2002 alone, the expected total of money lost to gambling was around $3.5 billion. If some 2 million people get to visit online gambling each week as a recent survey estimates, think of how much money will be lost by the end of the decade, and how much of that comes from young people whose urge for easy money grows as much as the gambling money lost in the estimated 1,800 online gambling games available.

Online gambling, in fact, has become the most lucrative online industry so far. Imagine the crowd of gamblers worldwide, men, women, and the underage, risking their credit account 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

Gambling is fun to try, but becoming a vice, it tends to bring out the worse in unrestrained human nature. It might someday turn us into a world escape gamblers.

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