Gambling Temptation

Las Vegas is considered the gambling capital of the world and at times it can be the fantasy island for adults. The flashing neon lights and celebrity like ambiance spell instant attraction for visitors of the strip. In every corner of the city there is always some sort of gambling action going on. The atmosphere in the strip spells “sinful fun” for most adults. At the onset, everything seems great and wild but as time progresses, the fun impact of gambling turns into a deeper problem that many adults face – gambling addiction.

The consequences for getting mixed up into the gambling cycle can be massive. Defining a gambling cycle is quite simple. Gambling addiction is an offshoot of the scarcity or banquet theory of addiction. Addicted gamblers spend more money than originally intended resulting in many instances of huge fund losses. It is the feast of available money misspent carelessly. As a result, the players cash supply is rapidly depleted until next payday or cash break. The long break from gambling is widely known as a starvation of desire. This theory remains one of the strongest motivation factors in gambling addiction.

Gambling has been stigmatized as the fastest growing addiction in the United States. It has long been a fact that gamblers who wager their personal properties like cars or even house mortgages. Due to this addiction, gambling has proven to be a very dangerous addiction. Like all major addictions, it also has a unique triggering mechanism that galvanizes the player into an addiction frenzy. In other words, gambling possesses a high level of satisfaction for its patrons.

The exclusivity of a gambling addiction is the hanging trigger point. Unlike other vices where the peak or plateau is already preset, betting has a continuous rising level of satisfaction. In essence, the more a gambler wins the more they desire.

The addictive element in any risky situation is the rush of adrenaline. Every player receives an intense rush when they win or lose. This euphoria is what turns innocent enjoyment into deadly addiction.

As gambling becomes a larger threat or partner to entertainment, it is very probable that addictions will unavoidably increase. There is no safeguard against this malady. Families, friends, and career would continue to be crushed until any action can be taken. The plan of action can only work if the player themselves seek protection and treatment from it. Otherwise, it will continue to haunt them.

Individuals who cannot free themselves from this affliction can seek help from authorized centers that specialize in this type of treatment. Gambling can be a great temptation but it should prevent one from enjoying what the strip has to offer.

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