Craps Gambling Tips When Making Your Bets

After we get over the usual melodrama of learning craps the next we all would want to do is to win and win in craps consistently. Craps is a fun game, no doubt about it, but what makes it a lot more fun would have to be winning. There are things that players can do to improve winning chances during a craps session.

We may think that craps is a game of chance, so what other more can we ever do than just ride the dice? The truth is the dice may be purely random but the game of craps still offers some forms of player control. Players will need to know how to maximize that piece of player control a craps game allows. The player who is able to do so will have the advantage of improving the chances of winning.

Two places that we need to look at will have to be how to play the field on the craps table layout and avoid the bets you should never make. We all should also start with the basic bets in craps making the pass line and don’t pass line bets. From there we can move on to the other bets available in this wonderful game. There is just no way of escaping the craps basic wagers since they will surely be the first stakes you’ll ever make when you learn the game.

There are many professional gamblers, gambling authors, and critics (including expert critics who critic the experts) that won’t think twice to tell you that making bets on the field are really bad for you. A huge bulk of the advice you’ll find will definitely tell you to avoid making field bets. Some would even go on to say that the field bets are really just single roll suckers for the uninformed player.

The reason a lot of craps experts tell you not to make field bets is that these bets will have only a 44% chance of ever winning in a craps gaming session. This will really cost you big time if you consider these odds. But that view takes a look at making field bets every single time. But if you look at the long haul and betting on the field frugally after every few dice rolls the probability that this wager will lose comes down to only 9.5%. You can make a field bet after every 3 or so dice rolls and see the results.

If there are craps bets that you should try there are craps bets that you ought to avoid entirely. There is a reason why the proposition bets are at the center of the table layout – to entice players to make these bets. They can be exciting but they are really big losers however which way you look.

These craps betting tips will be helpful to raise your winning chances. Knowing what bets to make and what bets to avoid in craps improves your win/loss probabilities.

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