Card Counting The Facts


As you immerse yourself in the world of gambling and card games, you will no doubt come across strategies and tactics that claim will help you win. One of the most popular is that of card counting, and although its proponents might swear by it, an evaluation of the facts and circumstances will show otherwise.

It should be noted that card counting is a gambling strategy that is mostly applicable to Black Jack. The basic idea is that through this method, one will be able to determine if there are a lot of face cards and tens in the decks.

Of course, the more of those that remain, the bigger the chance for a player to hit Black Jack. By the same token, the absence of those will mean that the player will know when to stand or hit, and also what kind of move the casino dealer will likely make.

There are numerous types of card counting systems, but one of the most popular is that of giving a value of -1 to all tens and Aces, and +1 for numbers 3 to 7. All the others will be assigned a zero. As the game begins, the player adds or subtracts the numbers, and according to this gambling strategy, if +1 is prevalent, then there are more small numbers left, and a negative value means there are plenty of tens and Aces.

This is only one type of card counting, but what this system shares with all the others is that it is very complicated, and trying to keep a running count while playing a game against the dealer and the other players will make it very hard to pull off.

For seasoned card players they must try to keep track of the numbers and also the value of their cards, something very difficult to do. For the new player, it is virtually impossible. Even if you are somehow able to pull it off, the odds have been computed, and they show that the advantage that card counting yields is only less than half a percent.

The bottom line is that card counting is not just a poor gambling strategy; in most casinos it is illegal, and if you are caught could land you in their blacklist.

There are other, more legitimate and effective ways of winning card games, and these can be found in the Internet, and in scores of books. By investing your time in these other gambling strategies, you will win more games and keep yourself out of trouble.

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